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Holistic Skin Care


our amazing line of skin care...


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We firmly believe in no harsh chemicals, no invasive procedures, and nothing aggressive for the care of our skin.  Just back-to-basics facial treatments using professionally- concentrated products infused with botanicals, minerals, nutrients, and essential oils.

Customized Facial Treatments...
60 minute Facial Treatment $55.00
90 minute Facial Treatment $80.00

Our customized facial treatments take into consideration your concerns and your skin's needs at the time of treatment.  Your skin will be analyzed by a professional esthetician and the most appropriate products will be used to achieve healthy results for radiant, glowing skin that looks and feels great!


Fruit Enzyme Peels...
(choose from Pumpkin or Pineapple)
60 minute Fruit Enzyme Peel $65.00
90 minute Fruit Enzyme Peel $90.00

Our Fruit Enzyme Peels are a great choice for those looking for a results-oriented, non-aggressive, alternative to strong acid peels and other forms of exfoliation that injure the skin.  Natural fruit enzymes digest dry, dead skin cells while producing enjoyable aromatherapy benefits.  Unlike acid peels, there is no damage to the skin and there are no harsh after-effects.  You will leave with skin that feels and looks amazing!


Targeted Facial Treatment...
30 minute Facial Treatment $35.00

Don't have time for a full 60 minute treatment?  Want to address a specific issue in a more cost-effective way? Want to introduce skin care and its long-term importance to your pre-teen or teenager? This 30 minute, customized treatment will address a specific problem such as acne, congestion, eczema, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, etc.  


Seasonal Treatment...
60 minute Facial Treatment $65.00

Our Seasonal Treatments are unique and specially selected treatments that revolve around the theme and scents of the season.  Made with organic or natural ingredients that could include fruits, vegetables, nutrients, plants and/or herbs. Specialty Hand & Arm or Foot Treatments vary and are included in the Seasonal Treatments.  Refer to our Seasonal Treatments Page that is updated with a new experience every 5 to 6 weeks! 


Back Treatment...
45 minute Treatment $50.00

This treatment is particularly good for those who suffer from breakouts on their back and shoulders as a result of internal distress or from heavy exercise and workout routines. The back is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated.  Extractions are performed and followed by a Tea Tree Oil application that is luxuriously massaged into the back.