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 me to our Earth-Friendly Wellness Center!
We offer a range of eco-friendly therapies in a tranquil and therapeutic setting where you will find gentle, holistic, and complementary ways to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. These therapies include Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Healing Touch, Holistic Skin Care, and Natural Nail Care.  It is our desire to serve and partner with you in your health and wellness objectives. We are a small, privately-owned wellness center that truly focuses attention on you. It is our belief that in this day and age of fast-paced living and high-stress situations, that in order to be our best and do our best for others, we need to take care of ourselves.
From the minute you walk in the door, whether striving to maintain good health, to overcome a health concern, or just need time for relaxation or stress relief, you will find it here in a calming and peaceful atmosphere with therapists that truly care!  It is our sincere wish to join you in improving the way you feel and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don't wait any longer to experience the difference we hope to make for you!

Meet our Owner
Esthetican/Nail Technician/Healing Touch Student Practitioner...

Susan Chamberlain - Sctitioner
 My name is Susan and I whole-heartedly believe in a natural approach to overall health care.  I am grateful and proud to be able to bring a variety of holistic modalities to the community through the Wellness Center that I opened in 2012.  I am excited to  personally provide gentle skin care therapies in order to maintain good skin health, promote healthy aging,  and to prevent dermatological problems from developing.  I also very much enjoy helping to educate my clients for a lifetime of healthy skin.  Natural nail care, and especially diabetic nail care, is an extension of my skin care practice and belief in taking care of our bodies on a regular basis. Embarking on my Board Certification in Healing Touch has allowed me to extend my passion for caregiving into my professional world and to reach more people with this heart-centered approach to wellness.

In 2002, I started a bookkeeping and accounting business that allowed me the freedom to have flexibility in raising my two children, whom I adopted as toddlers from Russia, and to be actively involved with them.  As they got closer to their teen years, I was able to embark on my next journey that had been my lifelong passion.  In 2012, I completed a 1200 hour esthetics apprenticeship gaining valuable, hands-on experience before receiving my Esthetics license.  I also completed undergraduate work and advanced therapy classes at the International Dermal Institute in Philadelphia.  Additionally, in June of 2015, I completed my training as a Nail Technician through Harford Community College.  Continuing with my education and caregiving interests, in 2016, I began my two year pursuit for Board Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner.
I am licensed with the Maryland State Board of Cosmetologists as an Esthetician and also as a Nail Technician.  Additionally, I hold membership in ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals), ANP (Associated Nail Professionals), and HTPA (Healing Touch Professional Association). I am also incredibly excited to offer, Skin Possible, my own line of skin care products based in the goodness of aloe vera gel!  

Meet  our Acupuncturist...radl
Bradley passionately believes in holistic methods as an alternative to or a supplement to traditional healthcare.  He practices a minimalistic form of Chinese Acupuncture.  This means that he approaches the issue with the least amount of acupuncture points while still achieving the maximum amount of relief.

AcBbuBrbRBBradley graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Towson University.  He then pursued his Master's Diploma in Acupuncture from the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, NC. 
Bradley is licensed with the Maryland State Board of Acupuncture.  Additionally, he is a NADA-certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist.

Meet our Massage Therapist...
Hazeltine - Massage Therapi

Kimberly specializes in providing a nurturing, customized massage that deals specifically with her clients’ unique issues.  She believes that receiving regular massage is a necessary part of their health and wellness plan. 

Kimberly graduated from the Holistic Massage Training Institute in Baltimore. She is licensed with the Maryland State Board of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy.  Additionally, she holds membership in the  AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).